The Auburn Water District is saying that recent tests have revealed an increase in lead in drinking water. The tests, mandated by the EPA, are done every three years.

The lead is not originating from Lake Auburn. The increased levels are from internal plumbing, mostly found in homes built in the 1980s.

Officials do warn that exposure can cause health problems. Issues can result in damage to the brain and kidneys. Pregnant women and young children are especially susceptible.

According to WGME, "The district is notifying the public and will test 60 more homes over the next six months. They will keep testing until levels come down."

Residents should run their water for at least 15 seconds until it is cold before using it for drinking or cooking and maybe even consider using bottled water. Also plumbing materials should be changed from brass or copper to plastic.

Residents will be getting materials in the mail with information on how to get their water tested. The cost is about $25.