Turns out August 1 was a day I should have taken myself out to dinner or something.  Internationally, August first is known as 'International Childfree Day' and worldwide researchers say more young people are choosing to live child-free.

For women who decide have kids researchers are seeing more and more women waiting longer. Birth rates for women over 35 are up as are the numbers for women over 40.  One reason for women or couples deciding to not have kids is kind of simple; there is less of a stigma for not having kids. It was funny; researchers said it was a common misconception that people without kids don’t like kids and are cold and selfish.  That is big jump to make on why someone may not have kids.

I am one of those women who did not have kids. It is not because I dislike kids. I have been very lucky to have friends who would share their kids with me.  For me it was just how it sort of worked out.  When I was married, my husband wanted to put it off. And put it off we did. Then after my divorce, I could have had a child, but I did not have a partner. I did not want to be a single parent. So, if that makes me selfish, then so be it.

Going back to the kids I do have in my life, I am honored to be part of their lives and having watched them grow and having played a role as part of ‘the village’ who raised them.  In fact, one is now married and going to be having a child later this year. So, I am getting closer to my goal of being a ‘grandparent’.