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Backyard Farms in Madison decided on a ‘do over' on their tomatoes. There is an infestation of whiteflies in the greenhouses, that brought them to the decision to destroy its entire crop of half-a-million plants and start over.

Backyard Farms produces more than 27 million pounds of tomatoes a year.  According to the KJ, the clean-out will disrupt its tomato-growing operation and deliveries for as long as 10 weeks. They  decided to clean out both of its greenhouses, which cover 42 acres, in an effort to fully eliminate any problem. The company will destroy all of its plants, sanitize the greenhouses and grow a new crop. After trying other ways to deal with the problem, wiping the slate clean and starting was the choice the made to make sure the quality of the product remains. So, it will be this fall when we see Backyard Farms back in the stores.

Backyard Farms plans to keep its 200 employees on the payroll throughout the clean-out and replanting process.