Best Ways for Mainers to Dispose of Their Real Christmas Trees
This is something I never seem to think of until after the Christmas holiday has passed us by. Just what am I going to do with this tree now that we're ready to take it down? Well, I just learned that my typical tradition of taking out and leaning it up against the deck until spring when I can …
Some Pictures of Christmas Morning at The James House
It's crazy to think that another year has already come and gone. Correct me if you think I'm wrong but 2020 seemed to be both the slowest and the fastest year I've ever lived. It was like a freakin' paradox! But, we made it through.
I'll be honest, it was so different this year not having the buzzing…
Christmas Eve 2020 Store Hours
Ho Ho Ho... tis the day for the mad rush. For all the packages that haven't arrived. For all the last minute purchases you need to make before the big day.
Here's a list of the hours most of the major stores are open today (Christmas eve)...
BSB Kittens: More About This Iconic Commercial
If you know about this commercial, if you remember this commercial when it first came are a Mainer, and are old. Check out this video from Bangor Savings Bank about their classic kittens and well as some trivia.

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