6 Maine Ghost Towns You Never Knew Existed
When you think about how long the area that we now call the State of Maine has been inhabited, it should not be a surprise that we have a few ghost towns. For thousands of years, all of New England was inhabited by the Native Americans.  Then, about 500 years ago, the first European settlers showed up...
Remember Samantha Smith?
I was out for a walk recently near the Maine State Museum building and walked by the Samantha Smith statue. I remember her story very well; her life and her death.
Have You Heard The Tale Of The Lighthouse Santa
It's a special story indeed, and one that lives on til this very day. Now when I say have you heard of the flying Santa? I bet you’re thinking well duh Santa flies with his sleigh. But I’m talking about THE flying Santa. According to folklore, my wife, and Wikipedia, we have to go back to 1929 where a pilot named William Wincapaw was flying in the Penobscot Bay area...
TaB Soda Being Discontinued After 57 Years
It's so hard saying good bye to an old friend. So for me, this won't be that bad, but, for all you TaB lovers out there, this is a sad day indeed. Coca-Cola, the maker of TaB, said in a press release they are putting TaB to rest forever. "TaB broke new ground in 1963 when it was introduced as The Coca-Cola Company’s first-ever “diet” soft drink...

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