Don't Ever Work on Your Own Car, Ever!
I'm certainly no ASE certified automotive technician, but I know my way around most basic parts on a vehicle. That's why I typically always do my own brake jobs. Sure, I love to give my business to local garages as often as I can, but I also like the savings and the satisfaction that come …
Don't Live in Maine, The Black Flies Aren't Worth It!
Why? Why do we continue to live in Maine? What are the benefits? Zero!
In the winter we deal with the biting cold of sub-zero temperatures and blowing snow, in the spring we deal with the joys of mud season, in the fall we have to rake all those damned leaves...
If You're a Teacher or a Parent You Need to Watch This! OMG!
In one of the funniest and most relatable videos we've ever seen, these two content creators at 'I Mom So Hard' have created a video all about thanking teachers for their endless love and compassion towards their kids.
Let's be real here, going from sending you kids off on the bus…

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