Gardiner’s A1 Diner Is Hosting Wizards Brunch & Dinner
Calling all Wizards, Witches, and Muggles!
Grab your cloaks, owl, spellbooks, and wands because its time to celebrate International Harry Potter day!
Sadly, the annual Harry Potter Scavenger hunt that brought witches and wizards alike from all over Maine and New England, and was hosted by Scrummy Afte…
Hocus Pocus: Movies In The Park(ing Lot)
According to a Facebook event made by the Augusta Downtown Alliance, Movies in the Parking lot are coming back just in time for Halloween. And seriously, what is better than kicking off Halloween with the best movie of all time. That's right; Hocus Pocus is showing Friday, October 30th...
Flagship Cinemas Waterville Is REOPENING
It feels like it's been an eternity since we've been out to see a movie at a movie theater.  Yes, it's been about six months, but that's a very long time for people who seen movies regularly. Family movie date nights have been a staple in our little family for as long as I c…

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