A Random Kid Found My Apple Watch @ The Bottom of a Maine Lake
I like to think that I have a perfect combination of horrible luck and also amazing luck. The weirdest and most unfortunate stuff always seems to happen to me, but then it always seems to immediately work itself out. Take for example our camping trip last week in Eustis at Cathedral Pines Campground…
T-mobile Rendering Multiple Phones Useless By 1/29/21
T-moible has announced that multiple phones won't be able to connect or use the T-mobile network at the end of this month.
So far T-mobile is saying due to a network update close to 20 different devices will not be able to receive the update needed to stay connected to the network...
Seize The Deal Cyber Monday Sale
In honor of Cyber Monday, we're taking an additional 40% off our already low Seize The Deal prizes.
Save big on gift certificates to your favorite Central Maine restaurants, outdoor adventures, spa packages, fitness club memberships, and more...

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