On a crisp fall night, what more could you ask for than a family get together that starts out with three bowls of homemade, spicy chili with buttered corn bread (Marie Anne made it) and then pumpkin carving (I videotaped...they don't trust me with sharp tools)......

We were all in attendance.  Matt and Carrie along with son Evan and Michelle and boyfriend Jeremy and long time neighbor Bethany Britten.  The garage was warm, The Moose was playing and Evan was a delight to watch as he stuck his face inside the gutted pumpkin and said, "pee ewwe."  Marie Anne, who isn't known for biting her tongue, said "it smells like feces in here."  I said, don't look at me....the pumpkin smells!

Halfway through the affair, we took a break to set off some fireworks I bought last spring at  Pyro City.  No injuries, no woods fires...it was all good.  Just take a look at those jack-o-lanterns, will ya.  Enough to make a grown man burst into tears.

Happy Halloween!