Before 'Retro Lunch' today, I had to go get a tire fixed. It was warmer out than I thought. So, I took off the sweatshirt I had been wearing all day. In the hood, out fell one white sock belonging to my 11-year old!

Both the sweatshirt and the sock were fresh out of the dryer last night. I did not, obviously, notice the sock when I laid out my clothes last night. It did not come to my attention from any co-workers all day, or they purposely let me walk around with the Hanes® hosiery around my neck! It popped out while I scratched my neck in the waiting room of VIP in Farmingdale. Luckily, I was alone at the time.

The sad part is, I'm so oblivious to my choice of clothing. This incident wasn't the first time that this has happened. The last time, my wife's purple underwear fell out of the leg of a pair of pants as I walked down the hall at work. I promise they were hers!

How about you...any clothing mishaps?