With each passing day, we check off more benchmarks with our children.  First word, first steps, first day of school...  Yes, it is kind of sad to see these moments slipping away, but it is also thrilling to see them develop and learn new skills

Over the weekend, we cross another of these "firsts" off our list for nine year old Denise.  She road her bike, without training wheels, for the first time!

Yesterday, we turned the parking lot of a local elementary school into a makeshift bike riding school.  Both 9-year-old Denise and 6-year-old Annie started the afternoon with their training wheels on.  After about twenty minutes of  zooming up and down the parking lot, Denise was ready for those training wheels to come off.

After flipping her training wheels up, making them useless, all she needed was a good push and she was on her way!

Annie, who is going to be seven in July, is not far behind her big sister.  A little daredevil, she spent most of her time riding over pine cones.

Big shout out to my wife, their mother, for being such a great bike riding instructor.

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