Do you believe there is life “out there?” Today is ‘National Alien Abduction Day.’ I just thought I’d throw the question out to our readers.

Personally I think it’s pretty likely there is life somewhere else in the Universe. Think about the billions, probably trillions and probably more stars and solar systems. I would seem probable to me there is another planet in the “Goldilocks Zone.” Meaning a planet orbiting a star in just the right place for life to grow and flourish like Earth.

Do I believe extra terrestrials have visited earth? I would love to think so but I don’t see how feasible that could be considering the distance and time it would take for ETs to get here. I find conspiracy theories about aliens being held in Nevada at Nellis and Edwards Air Force Bases (Area 51) facilitating. I don’t think we have ETs at Area 51. However, there could be a few in jars of formaldehyde stored for research. It’s a great topic of conversation to debate and discuss. Reverse engineering too, our defense aviation advanced greatly after the supposed crash in Roswell back in 1947.

I have seen a UFO, not saying it was from another world but it got me excited. It happened actually here at work back in the early 2000s. I got a call on the Moose lines asking me about this orb floating over the east side of Augusta. I replied by saying I hadn’t seen anything and you know as soon as I got off the phone with the listener I went out on the loading dock and there it was; a big ball of light just sitting stationary over what looked to be near what is now called Riverview Hospital.

The light was probably in the sky at about 2000 feet and I’d say it remained still for about 30 minutes. I called the airport and just got a recording, I assumed they must have closed for the day or no one was by the phone.

I’ve never admitted to this to anyone publicly but I’d say maybe five years ago I had a dream that I was abducted and aliens cut me open like you see in the movies. The weird part was when I woke up, I felt a pain in exactly where I was “operated on.” The pain may have created the dream and not the other way around but it was quite freaky.

I’m curious if you’ve seen a UFO or better yet if you believe you've been abducted, comment if you have and are comfortable with admitting it.