Halloween is nine days away, do you have have any ghost stories? Do you believe in ghosts? I’ve commented about shows like ‘Ghost Adventures’ and ‘Ghost Hunters’ and how I think they trump up their findings for TV, but I do believe there is energy that can manifest into something. I’m not saying the shows are fake, but sometimes I wonder if what they catch on camera is really just weird lighting.

Do I believe in ghosts? I’m not sure. I know I’ve done double takes where I thought I saw something out the corner of my eye and then when turn to look at what I thought I saw it was gone.

There are few odd things that have happened to me over the years. One that comes to mind is when a glass cutting board shattered without anything touching it. Just like windshield glass. *Poof* and it was all over the counter.

For a time my wife and thought that there was a child who had passed in our old apartment because the Little People merry-go-round would start up for no reason but we eventually debunked that as being ghostly because we noticed that it started up every time a police car drove by the place.
This story is probably the closet thing to a spirit living amongst us that I can think of at the moment. My wife’s grandmother on her mother’s side died a few years ago and we recently went to where she was buried and Vikki seemed to be drawn to the headstone. Vikki touched it like her great grandmother was talking to her. And strangely more recently like maybe back in August Vikki said, “I see grand-memere.” Vikki is only two but Lynn and I both heard it as she said it very articulately.