I'm not sure whether to just be sad and heartbroken or just mad. I'm not here to judge or try to sound better than thou. There are just too many good people that have had their lives sucked away too early because of substance abuse or complications related to it.

For full disclosure I have never taken anything harder than alcohol and tobacco and when I was young on a couple of occasions hash. So, I don't know what it's like to get off of heroin, crack, meth or any of the other 'hard drugs.'

Please, from what I've seen, for the love of all that is, don't start. If you have problems with self image, self worth, anger, depression or pain, see someone, don't mask it with drugs.

You see shows on TV that show stars and real people go through rehab and come out clean but what they don't focus enough on is the battle of temptation that is, I'm sure, lifelong. I quit smoking cigarettes going on six months ago and there isn't a day that goes by that I'm not tempted, in some way, to smoke.

The bottom line is drugs ruin relationships and health and can land someone in jail and not just because of use, but because of crimes, while possibly high. Lastly, drugs can cause death by overdose. Drugs cause the body to breakdown and sometimes suicide because you're not thinking straight when emotionally distraught and high.

Please get help if you're looking for your next fix or better yet, seek help before and don't start.

Here are a few links if you need or want someone to talk to. NAMI Maine, 211 or DHHS.

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