The headline is perfect....not only for me but, judging by some of the looks on the kids' and adults' faces at the Maine State Museum, for a lot of others as well.  It was the 10th annual Bug Maine-ia!

This event has become a major attraction at the museum and we're thankful to Joanna Torow for keeping us well informed about what's going on in this gem, within the State House complex.

Not only is admission free during special events like this, but it's a chance to learn from professionals and ask questions.  Kind of like a free college course, if you will.  Provided, that is, you ask the right questions.  Entomologists were there and eager to give answers to anything asked.  I was listening to the kids and absorbing the answers.  For example, tarantulas live for a long time.  The one that one of the exhibitors was holding was 18 years old.  He'd never make it that long at my house.  One encounter, and he'd be a plinking target!

Check out the gallery I've posted.  It's just a small sample of what was there today!

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