A long harsh winter has led to an incredible work of art in Foley, just northeast of St. Cloud, MN.

For the last month-and-a-half, farmer Greg Novak has been busy building a 50-foot-tall snowmanFriends, family and neighbors all helped Novak with his creation. The snow and brutal cold this winter inspired him to build the snowman.

"The winter has been long, so if you can't beat it -- embrace it," Novak says.

Novak built the snowman using farm equipment and tall snowblowers to pile the snow high. The mammoth creation also features a 10-foot-wide smile, an 80-foot-long scarf and garbage lids are used as buttons.

With the snowman finished, many people have been stopping on the nearby highway to take pictures. Novak says that he welcomes people to come visit the snowman for the remainder of the winter.

"With a long hard winter, it's nice to see people enjoying it," Novak says.

50-foot-tall Foley Snowman
Dan DeBaun, Townsquare Media

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