Like the alliteration in my headline? I sure did! And those words sum up my wicked good day. Mike Gagne, my good friend and gun guru, and I headed north to Holden this morning to the Maine Military Supply Store to look around at "stuff," like guns and targets and the like.

The first thing I spotted in the gun case was a golden Desert Eagle 44 caliber handgun. Big and beautiful (like me).

Sorry, did I make you spit out a beverage just now? My bad.

Anyway, I asked the guy behind the counter, "can I hold it and get a picture?" He said yes and I hurried into position before he changed his mind. I figured if I could just get a photograph it would save me the $2200 they were asking for it and I'd still have bragging rights! Only problem is, I need to have Mac Dickson Photoshop the price tags out and put a woodsy background behind me or no one's buying that it's my gun. Truthfully, if I ever buy a golden Desert Eagle, it'll be the 50 caliber. That 44, honestly, is just too small!

Next, it was off to eat. We figured we'd head to Beef O'Brady's in Brewer where we'd been a couple of times before. NO!!!!! Closed!!! Where now? Pepino's in Bangor on Stillwater Avenue. They were open so we stopped in for some delicious fried nachos and cheese and a brewskie before crossing the road and visiting Dick's Sporting Goods. We browsed, picked up a couple of little things and got in a line for 20 minutes at the ONE open checkout. Clearly, they went to the Wal*Mart School of Retail Sales.

Bottom line: I didn't spend a significant amount of money today and had a great time. Now, I've got to go convince Marie Anne that I absolutely have to have a big, golden gun. Wish me luck, would ya?

Me at Pepino's