Here we are on September 26th, starting to see holiday decor or at least the product out in stores. We're less than three months from Christmas, two months from Thanksgiving, "Black Friday" and just over a month until Halloween and Election Day.  Oh and if believe it the Mayans about 11 weeks until 12/21/12 and it being all over. I don't worry about such things. The end of the world was supposed to happen four or five times that I can remember. Anyway, my point is the year is closing too quickly. Note to self and anyone else who feels the same, let’s slow it down. Don't let the autumn go by without taking a trip to leaf peep, don't watch Halloween go by without pictures, candy and memories and get with family for Thanksgiving and holidays. Can't slow down the planet and unwanted birthdays but we can capture life and take time out to enjoy the simple things.

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