In school there were only a handful of teachers I liked having. One was Mr. (Paul) Murray. He was my French teacher in 9th grade and my Catholic confirmation teacher that same year. He had a very thick Scottish accent, so it was funny to hear him bring the French. I was going through my Facebook feed over the weekend and saw someone post his obituary.

Martin and Denise Murray, were Mr. Murray's children, who I knew well enough to say hi to as they were going through school at the same time. It has to be hard for them right now. My mom, knew Paul Murray as well from outside the classroom from being a French teacher. He was a good man and always there to help you if you need it. From my perspective I'd say he was a great educator, he engaged 14-year-olds, that's not an easy task. Mr. Murray was funny and got his students to learn.

I used to see him and his wife at Mass after grading and moving on. It was always pleasant to see him. My thoughts and prayers go to Mr. Murray's surviving wife and children. Sorry for your loss.