I am happy that the NBA commissioner banned Clippers’ owner Donald Sterling for life. The fine was nothing to him, booting him out of the day-to-day, is much more of a punishment. I’m not really sure how ownership works in the NBA, but the word from Sterling is he isn’t going to sell the team.

If the NBA can’t force him legally, then the league needs to make it very uncomfortable for him to be the owner.

It’s hard for me to believe it has been over 150 years since Lincoln was President, and almost 50 years since the civil rights act was passed and we’re still having these issues.

By no means is Sterling the first person to spout idiotic and hateful words. Do we give them a pass if they’re from the south or they’re old enough to remember when Rosa Parks sat on the bus? I’d say, "No," because all of this changed a half century ago.

I know we all come from different upbringings and different geography, but saying these types of things is just wrong, regardless of who you are. Whether you’re a basketball owner or the kid working the concession counter, this shouldn’t be happening.

I’d be naive to think it doesn’t, but it shouldn’t. Sterling has the right to say what he wants and everyone else has the right to respond.

Race relations is a touchy subject. We’re all equal and should be treated as such.

Like or dislike someone by their actions, not by their skin color, gender or orientation. People can’t change who they are. We are all different from one another in many ways. Let’s understand that.

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