Darren McCollester, Getty Images

Now that the news of today’s tragedy in Boston is starting to sink in it’s apparent that it was a bomb of some sort. As I write this two people are confirmed dead and dozens are injured. It was a cowardly senseless act. For updates today you can visit our website for information.

We don’t at this time know who or why but it’s obvious that some moron, domestic or foreign wanted to make a statement. I hope they catch whoever it is or they are and throw the book at them.

We must not let this make us scared, stop us from doing our daily errands or makes us change our way of life. Life comes with risk and we take some risk knowingly and some unknowingly but we still have to continue.

I do however think out of respect for the lives lost and injured that the Bruins made the right call to postpone tonight’s game until a later time.

My heart continues to go out to those affected by the horrific events of today at the Boston Marathon. Prayers for the injured that they may recover and lead a normal or as close to normal a life as they can.

Today is a very sad day.