Both Renee and Mac are good examples of being Earth friendly. Renee wrote an article about being a good steward of the Earth which you can read here. Mac recycles all of his and the station's paper, batteries and EVERYTHING that can be recycled. Me? Just milk jugs....

Neither Marie Anne or I pay much attention to recycling batteries, printer cartridges or anything else. Marie Anne's mantra, in fact, is 'if you're not using it, pitch it.'

Part of it is laziness. No, most of it is laziness. I know I should do better on the recycling thing. Insofar as greenhouse gasses, I don't pay as much attention to what I could do better there. I'm not a big believer in the whole man made global warming mindset. I will drive a hybrid IF it make sense for me and my pocketbook. I won't pay an exorbitant price for a car just to cut down on my 'carbon footprint.' If it's in my best interest financially to buy a $700, 8 cylinder, gas guzzling, blue smoke puffing 1979 Chevy, then that's what I'll do and I'll drive it proudly through the smoky haze until it goes belly up.

Here's what I DO do to help out Ma Earth. I take previously printed on paper from the station and use it at home to print on the other side. I sort my milk/detergent jugs to recycle and......okay, that's all. But it's something, right?

Anyway, that said, have a great Earth Day!

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