New Years Day is almost here. It’s hard to believe another year has come to a close and Thursday, 2015 will begin.

As New Years Eve is tomorrow, a time for food and drink, what are your favorite foods and drinks?

Most New Years Eves, we collaborate with friends on the spread for our party. We always have a shrimp ring, wings, meatballs in a crock-pot, a cheese ball thingy and Lynn’s famous taco dip to name most.

As for drinks I normally drink domestic beer. Nothing special and I don’t mix drinks, so no champagne. We never go out as I don’t feel safe on the roads as New Years Eve is often referred to as “Amateur Night.” I also never drink and drive, so we decide to normally host a party with the option for our guests to sleep over.

This year we’re not doing our party as we have. It’s not the end of a tradition just a break. Lynn’s been working a lot of overtime this December and we just want a simple family game night. We'll still make it special with a sampling of "fun foods" meaning pizza rolls, chicken tenders, cheese, pepperoni and crackers and chips, etc.

What are your New Years Eve traditions? However you celebrate New Years Eve make it fun but be responsible and be safe at the same time.