Well, my day started with a trip to Cabela's and lunch at Famous Dave's Barbecue in Scarborough. Then, I come home to the Patriots winning, some pumpkin carving fun with Evan and the kids and fireworks in the back yard. Topping it all of with World Series game 4 in St. Louis!

The day is not hectic at all for me. I photograph as the kids and Evan work on the pumpkins. Oh, I eat some pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that Marie Anne made. I set up the fireworks on the back lawn as I eat another cookie or two. Then, as I light off the fireworks with my right hand, I use my left hand to, ahhh, eat a cookie.

Inside and it's game time! Ready for the first pitch with my diet Pepsi and a couple of cookies. Wow...I'm stuffed and tired. I guess this has been a hectic day.