This weekend there was a story on the front page of the Sun Journal just left me sad, scared and kind of pissed off.

It was the story of a van that was carrying prisoners from Florida to Maine and what happened along the way. I get it, prisoners need to get from one place to another and it is probably not going to be flying first class. But this story is beyond cruel and inhumane.

Yes, I get it, these passengers are criminals. Whatever their actions were that got them in this situation is not the issue.  I feel all beings deserve a level of respect. Since these men and women were in custody of others, it was the guards duty, morally and legally, to make sure they had the prisoners' basic needs were addressed.

In the end, those actions say more about us, as humans, in the long run.

I always ask myself when I hear things that just blow my mind, if only half of this is true how do I feel?  A quarter? Even with my own little filter this story makes me sick in the pit of my stomach.

The story covers not only what happened in the week it took them to get from Florida to Maine but what happened after.  The Sun Journal also did a video as well.  Check it out.