Raising a family can be costly and budgeting for things can be tough. You can save by buying meat at the grocery store in the morning when the butcher puts the tear-off coupons on the packages.

You can save on cars by buying parts at junkyards and if it’s a fairly simple job they can often do the work at a fraction the cost, same with buying clothes, you can buy gently used.

One other way you can save a lot is by getting your haircut at a cosmetology or hairdressing school. That’s what we do. Sometimes I just have my wife buzz my hair to a ¼ inch but for most who want a real cut, schools are a great option. It helps students learn on real clients and a cut at Mr. Bernard's in Lewiston where Lynn and Vikki went this morning it was only $5 each.

As the students work, the instructor looks over them and at the end your cut looks as good as it did if you went to a salon and paid five times as much.

Just thought I’d pass along the information for anyone trying to save money.