This was the pre-dawn crowd at K-Mart in Augusta as I pulled in to get ready for the show this morning and they were still lining up in droves. Apparently K-Mart didn't get the memo....

Most of the other stores in Maine like Wal-Mart, Target, et al, opened at midnight.  These folks in line (I hate the word "folks" but it seems appropriate) were probably "late risers."

I'm lucky.  Marie Anne does all of our shopping and she does it well in advance of Black Friday.  She may not get the same deals but she has better luck finding what she's looking for without the crowds.

Here's where I fit in.  When she gets home from a couple of days of shopping, I help her lug the bags into the house and up the stairs.  Whew, I'm spent!

I love Black Friday for what it does for local economies but I'd rather sit in the stands and cheer than go onto the field and play.  Cyber Monday is when I'LL brave the crowds to get some shopping done.  In fact, I already have the Best Buy and Cabela's tabs open on my browser.

BONUS: Even though Steely Dan's "Black Friday" has nothing to do with shopping, this is still a great song!