We’re in a brutal cold spell, at least through this week anyway. I’ve seen two Facebook status updates from people saying something to the effect of, "I hope we don’t run out of oil." Not sure if it's because of their cash flow or not, but it does make me think to at least help direct those who are going without oil, or are challenged with heating costs, to the right place. I know how tough it is trying come up with money to fill the oil tank. Even 100 gallons is like $350-$370. I feel as though heat should be a right. Maybe it's because I lived in apartments for so long, not sure? I do feel for those who are hurting for oil. I’ve had to swallow pride and ask for help from family and I know how it is.

I know there are places that can help you with heating if you need it. I'm just not sure where you should turn. When I Googled “emergency heating assistance,” Pine Tree Legal came up. They might be able to point you in the right direction, if they aren't the right place. There is also 211. They too will point you in the right direction. Yo might try your local Salvation Army. They do help people needing heat.

If you don’t have money right now, but will over the next month, I know many oil dealers will give you 30 days to pay. Maybe others knowing more than me, can give better answers, because heating is essential for health and your house.