This weekend, September 30th it's start of the Fryeburg Fair. The fair runs until October 7th, so there is plenty of time if you can't go Sunday. We try to go up as a family every year, not sure about this year but it is an amazing event if you've never been. To tell how big this fair is, I had to leave the family for a few minutes, only to to lose them for 30 minutes. I didn't have a cell phone. Finally called my wife using a bank of payphones on site. We reconnected, but it's immense. If fair food isn't your thing, there is a great Chinese restaurant in North Conway, NH. The Peking is a very cool place.  The decor is awesome and the food is great as well. A definite must. Of course while you're there is shopping at Settlers Green and Mt Washington!

Whatever your plans enjoy your weekend.