A man on Reddit is asking if he is wrong for moving seats after a fellow passenger kept falling asleep on him during their flight.

The man begins his story by saying that he had the aisle seat and that a man sat next to him in the middle seat. The problem arose when the other man kept falling asleep on him.

"I (26M) was on the aisle seat on a flight today and a rather large man was next to me in the middle seat. I didn’t really think about it but then he kept falling asleep on me. Not like a little, full on leaning on me and head bobbing next to my head," he begins his story.

That was not the only problem he faced with the other passenger as they allegedly had some hygiene issues as well.

"He also smelled very bad and was snoring. I shimmied a couple of times to kind of wake him up so he would move which worked but then he would immediately fall back asleep on me. This went on for about 30ish minutes," the man shared.

The man's behavior got so bad that it was noticed by the other passengers and one person behind the man shared that he should move next to them to avoid the sleeping man.

"It got so bad that the guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and told me that he noticed and that I should move to the open middle seat behind him. So I asked the flight attendant and she let me move and I did. The people I moved next to didn’t seem too happy that I took their open middle seat," he said before asking if he was wrong for moving to get away from the sleeping man.

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People in the comments section agreed that the man was not wrong for switching seats.

"NTA While unfortunate for the other people, they don't own that open seat. They are lucky the attendant didn't force sleeping beauty upon them. You have a right to personal space and were granted permission to move," one person said.

"This kind of situation happens often. Once, I had someone dozing off and leaning on me the entire flight and it was really uncomfortable. While moving might have inconvenienced the other passengers a bit, you had to do what was necessary for your comfort," shared another person.

"You did the right thing by engaging the flight attendant," a Reddit user revealed.

"The flight attendant told you it was okay," another user added.

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