Jared Marcum, a 14-year-old West Virginia student, showed up for class in April wearing a t-shirt with the NRA logo, a picture of a gun and the line, "support your right," written on it. Marcum refused requests to change his shirt saying it did not violate school policy and that it was protected under the first amendment.

According to the Logan County Police Department, Marcum wouldn't stop talking during the incident which prevented the officer from doing his job, although, no mention of that was made in the police report.

I wonder, with some school administrators so anti-gun, are weapons even talked about in history of are students led to believe that the civil war was fought with pillows? Gimme a break. There's a first and second amendment...live by both or neither but don't pick and choose. Sounds like this kid was denied his first amendment right because he agrees with the second amendment. The school administrator that started this is a dictator and a bully, imho.