Every going-away party's gotta feature a bit of entertainment, and where The Daily Show's concerned, host Jon Stewart is apparently happy to provide it, himself. A man of many talents!

The comedian, who's slowly inching closer to his retirement from Comedy Central's news program, welcomed Jon Hamm as a guest on last night's episode (June 30). And the gracious Hamm made sure he arrived with one hell of a gift in tow: a mashup of Stewart's most musical moments recorded across his tenure as anchor.

"There's one thing nobody really talks about," Hamm offers in the clip above as he introduces the very special package. "It's your voice, Jon. Your glorious voice."

In the video, alternatively titled "A Short, Jewish Susan Boyle," Stewart croons through "Sodomy Party," "The Pope is on Fire" and "Clang, Clang, Clang With the Healthcare," just to name a few. Does he rap about John McCain? He certainly does, and if you thought he wouldn't make "transvaginal ultrasound" into a Broadway-ready number, you're simply mistaken.

"Nothing on this earth produces a sound quite like yours," Hamm tells his pal at the end of the sequence. No arguments there.

Stewart first took The Daily Show reigns in 1999, and his last show as host will air on August 6. South African comedian Trevor Noah will officially succeed Stewart as the show's new host on September 28.

Check out the clip, share your thoughts on Jon's instrument and be sure to catch Jon's final "Daily Show" episode next month.

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