My daughter, Michelle, called me up last night and asked if I'd join her and Jeremy or a trip to Fortin's on Friday. I told her it depended on what I was doing with Marie Anne being it was our last vacation day. Suffice it to say, it wasn't beach weather so I decided I'd go shopping with the young'uns for a new washer/dryer....

I enjoy going into Fortins. It's like "Old Home Days." I walk in and see Mike and Reggie (Fortin), John, Michelle, Gerry and Roger Gagne, who I know from channel 5. While I'm catching up with everyone, Michelle and Jeremy are over with John Hachey, the sales guy who I've known for many years. I knew I should be listening and advising but, hey, I don't see these guys that often. We've got some serious catching up to do!

As I walk over to where Michelle is, I notice channel 5 is setting up lights. "Has there been a crime?", I wondered.

"Are you shooting a commercial?", I asked.

"We are," Roger said, as he joined his crew and went about helping with the set up.

Getting ready for the white hot spotlight

Michelle and Jeremy had focused in on a washer/dryer combo they liked. "What do you think, dad?", Michelle asked.

"Looks good." There, my job was done.

After the delivery date had been decided and they got their receipt, Mike Fortin came over to them and asked, "would you two like to be in a tv commercial?"

"Sure!", they answered.

Wait a minute! What about me? I'm the hottie in the family, aren't I? I'm the voice of TV 5 news aren't I? And I can't even be cast in a commercial? I mean, I've purchased a washer, dryer, stove, fridge, hope chest, recliner....I mean, I'm your meal ticket Mike! And you're choosing my daughter...the fruit of my loins...the one who was born on the very day I started at 92 Moose....over me? I guess I don't have that youthful look everybody wants. It's ok. I've got half a Dr. Pepper and some beef jerky left in the car. I'll be waiting.

Bottom line, Michelle picks a random day to shop, gets a pair of new appliances and will star (with Jeremy) in her first tv ad. I'd say we made the most of an otherwise dreary day.

Filming the tv commercial