Is there a feud brewing between Lady Gaga and lanky Scottish DJ Calvin Harris (who has collaborated with RihannaNe-Yo and Florence Welch)? There could be, as Harris did say that he turned down the chance to work with Lady Gaga because he didn't like her songs. Ouch!

But wait a minute. Before little monsters start firebombing Harris' Twitter account or boycotting his music, there is more to the story.

When asked, during a chat with the BBC, about turning down Gaga, he said, rather blithely, "I was busy, though."

The hosts of the show were incredulous that he was so nonchalant about missing the chance to work with Gaga, who is the biggest pop star working today. Harris explained that the opportunity presented itself before she was huge and that his people did not send her the hits to work on.

But... he did seem to dig at Gaga, intimating that he doesn't like her voice.

"You've got to pick people whose songs or voice that you like, and at that stage, it was before she was very, very big," Harris said. "They sent me some songs and I didn't really like the songs, and that's okay. They didn't send me the big songs. It was, 'Will you work on these album tracks, please?'"

He doesn't regret saying "Thanks but not thanks," since he was "a busy rascal at the time" and in his opinion, he was sent the bottom of the barrel dregs to work on.

Gaga heard about what Harris said and she lashed out at him via Twitter -- she says she never even got in touch with him, and that he just assumes that because she is a woman who writes and produces her own music, it means she doesn't understand EDM. She seems pretty hot about his comments, too.

That could be a dig at Rihanna, who pretty much took his completely written, produced and assembled song 'We Found Love' and simply sang it, propelling it to a massive hit.

For what it's worth, Harris did miss out by passing on a chance to work with Lady Gaga. Maybe they didn't send him 'Bad Romance' or 'Paparazzi' at first, but maybe it could have been the start of a beautiful, creative and fruitful partnership, and he could have worked on even bigger songs. Maybe his little diss of hers is just sour grapes.

Or not.

He did say he turned down one remix and told little monsters to chillax; he and Gaga even exchanged post-heated tweet pleasantries.

Below is Gaga's angry tweet to about Harris and then the following tweets about the drama and the olive branch that was extended.





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