In what is becoming an all-too-frequent headline, Lil Wayne was briefly hospitalized after suffering another seizure.

TMZ, who reported that Weezy was near death after suffering a seizure in March, reports that sources close to the rapper confirmed that he was admitted to Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles on Tuesday (April 30) by bodyguards. Reports indicate that it was a single seizure and that Wayne was treated and released by the morning.

Time to exhale a huge sigh of relief, Weezy and hip-hop fans.

Weezy, who was thought to have suffered multiple seizures earlier this year due to an addiction to Sizzurp, a nasty but potent cocktail of prescription grade cough syrup and sugary soft drinks like Mountain Dew, has since revealed that he is an epileptic and has delt with episodic seizures since childhood.

Even though the Trukfit guru is aware of his condition and may try his best to keep it as under control as possible, it's still scary anytime we hear that he had another episode and that he had to be admitted to the hospital.

We're glad to hear that he is okay and was released. As always, we're pulling for him.

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