There was never any parking. There were few private rooms. The tvs were, ughhhh, low definition. But, still, it's kind of bittersweet. At one time or another we've all either been in the ER, visited someone who was admitted or been admitted ourselves....

Well, you'll get to see the old hospital one more a store!

Saturday from 8-4 and Sunday from 9-2, there will be a sale of things like old hospital furniture, clocks, big people potties and other assorted goodies. Hey, if you want to set up your own hospital on the cheap, here's your chance. They just want to move the stuff out. Cash and carry. Bring a truck and haul it off!

Here's a tongue in cheek ad I produced about the sale which, while probably not completely accurate, gives you an idea of what the deal is! Be there!!!!!!!!!

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