Amanda Main was among the first batch of pictures I received when I started my first (and maybe only) Pinterest board. She has a great smile, is holding the gun properly, wearing the proper ear protection and was perfect as the first profile pic on the Maine Girls With Guns Facebook page. It was a pretty easy choice when deciding who first to profile...

Like me, Amanda grew up in Randolph. If I still lived there I'd probably be plinking with her right now instead of writing the article here...but I digress.

Amanda works as a CRMA with the developmentally disabled and loves her job! It's not like she just started, either. She's been in the line of work for over four years now. Clearly, she believes in helping people and feels good about her occupation at the end of the day. Everybody should feel like Amanda does when it comes to work. It makes life, as a whole, a lot better!

With four children, it's so wonder she has any time for hobbies but she somehow manages to do some singing, dancing, horseback riding, cross-stitching, drawing, knitting, scrapbooking and more! Her favorite hobby is, not surprisingly, playing with her children.

Until last October, Amanda says she'd never shot a gun. Her (now) fiance' asked her to accompany him on a plinking trip and she fell in love with the sport! When she goes out shooting, she enjoys going to the pits in Summerhaven (where the ATF has opened a pit for people to shoot pistols and rifles).

In the picture, she's shooting what she enjoys, a 9 millimeter Glock 19 compact. A great piece and, for many years, a top choice of law enforcement.

Keep up the good work Amanda and keep enjoying all you do!