Today, October 9th, 2020, marks the first day Adult use, recreational marijuana is being sold in the state of Maine. A milestone for some, others could do without the fanfare.

The law has been on the books for a few years now however it have been a long road to getting retail opertaions licensed, stocked, and open. Medical marijuana has been in Maine much longer and the two, medical marijuana, and recreational use marijuana, have to function in two distinct entities.

Although many people were happy to stand in line to be one of the first to buy mega Maine pot. Most were greeted with long lines, product shortages, purchase limits, and limited selection. While medical marijuana has worked out many of the kinks in it's system, recreational marijuana still has some time to go before it reaches the same place comparatively.

The laws that govern the industry as a whole in Maine are very strict, and quite restrictive  when it comes to any kind of cross pollination of the two sectors. There is still a lot of red tape and a huge bottle neck regarding getting licensed to either be a cultivator, or retail establishment.

The State of Maine Office of Marijuana Policy has a list available for public viewing to see where and who is in the middle of the bottleneck trying to be involved in this new lucrative industry.

Some industry experts, most from other states that have a head start on Maine, speculate that it could take up to two before the recreational side of the state gets to a place where the medical side is currently.

Time will time. For those that have been waiting to see this day come to fruition, they say they have waited this long, what's a little more time.

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