The Farmers' Almanac is the source of so much useful information and when it comes to winter weather tips, they do not dissapoint. As a native Mainer, the Almanac is sort of a bible of common sense advice.

  • Spray your snow blower's chute with cooking spray, like Pam, to keep it from clogging. This also works great on snow shovels.
  • Keep a pair of mismatched socks in your car. We have a full basket of socks in our laundry room that are missing a partner. Give them a purpose by keeping them as a spare pair the next time you step in a puddle of cold slush, or use them as wiper blade covers.
  • Reverse your ceiling fan switch to push warm air down into the room.
  • Keep at least half a tank of gas in your car, less than that can allow any water in your fuel tank to freeze and damage your fuel pump.
  • Hey, this is Maine, did you really think I could wrap up this post without a potato hack? Here it is, if temps are going to go down to freezing over night, rub a cut potato on your car's windshield. There is sugar in the potato that will create a barrier to prevent ice from forming. Just rinse and wipe your windshield in the morning and be on your way. This might be my favorite tip. Thanks Farmers' Almanac.