We might be stretching things a little too thin when we say there are some potential 'Man of Steel' spoilers hidden in the upcoming Superman toys... but what if we're not? Work-in-progress commercials for Mattel's latest line of toys, which are said to tie into Zack Snyder's 'Man of Steel' movie, have leaked online, one of which features the rumored appearance of Black Zero from the comics... but it's not what you think.

A while ago, LEGO released a list of their upcoming sets, one of which was titled, "Superman Black Zero Escape," which led the internet-speaking world to believe that the "Destroyer of Krypton" would be showing up in 'Man of Steel' as a surprise villain next to Emperor Zod. Were we all right in wanting to believe these rumors or were we, in the words of Roger from 'American Dad,' "OVER THINKING IT"?

Well, it's a little bit of both. BleedingCool.com got a hold of some leaked commercials, which are not complete, of the new Superman Mattel toys. A toy version of Zod stars in one of these commercials along with his robot army (interesting!) and a giant black spaceship referred to as "Black Zero."

The second leaked commercial doesn't really hint at anything, but you can watch both of them below. In the mean time, do you think this footage has revealed some spoilers for 'Man of Steel'? A robot army for Zod? Black Zero is a spaceship? Like we said, we might be looking too close, but if you think about the information released a while back for 'The Hobbit' and 'The Avengers' companion toys, they ended up revealing a few details about their respective films that we weren't expecting.