Meal or No Meal on 92 Moose this morning will be for FIRST TIME PLAYERS ONLY.  If you've ever played this particular game on The Moose Morning Show, you'll need to sit this one out...

Just a refresher on how the game get asked up to 5 multiple choice questions. For a correct answer, you open an envelope which Renee has, numbered 1 through 5.  If there's a prize inside, you may keep it and stop OR (if there are questions left), you can pass on it for something else.  Get all 5 correct, you get all the prizes which always includes a meal at the China Dine-ah.  One of the envelopes contains nothing, "no meal," and you have to go on to the next question (if there are any left).  Once you miss a question, you can only win a single prize, so you see, it's a bit of a gamble (not came in empty handed anyway, right?).  Good luck!

Side note: Tonight at the China Dine-ah is our first Trivia game of the season starting at 6:30.  Maybe I'll catch you there.

One of the prizes this morning is tix to Red Dawn at Regal Cinema, Marketplace At Augusta.  Check out the exciting trailer!