A recent report says that nearly 10% of people are coming to work stoned on marijuana. Maybe I'm being naive, but I have a real hard time believing it, that number seems high, pardon the pun.

Mashup.Com in conjunction with SurveyMonkey after doing a survey showed 9.7% of Americans smoked weed before work. This isn't that legal medicinal Mary Jane either according to the study, 81% of the pot was bought illegally.

I know back in the day, co-workers had liquid lunches together at a bar and if you had your own office, there may have been a liquor cabinet in past decades, but this is 2014. I don't know how in this competitive job market people can get anything done high on pot or buzzed on booze.

Anyway I've written on marijuana before and I think in principle it should be legal but not at work, the only exception maybe if you're entitled to it by prescription which is another topic for another day. I still can't get over that, almost 10% go to work stoned on marijuana.