Sometimes its nice just to get away and do something with your kids all by themselves. Yesterday was one of those days. After Evan's guitar lesson, which he's doing great with (playing Wagon Wheel + Counting Stars now), we headed over to the China Dine-ah for an early dinner! It was just the two of us because Keri and Gavin were at Memere's house for a visit. The place was quiet and the food came out quick, which is good for us because we were hungry! Can you guess what we both got? OMG, you're right! We both got the chicken tender meal. Conveniently, the portion size at the Dine-ah is so big that we had plenty of food to bring home to Keri so she could have dinner, too! If you ever have the chance and things with just one child at a time- do it! It's a whole lotta fun and they're memories your children will alwyas cherish.