One of my business endeavors outside of 92 Moose is American Women who Bear Arms. The purpose of this site is to empower women in shooting sports and personal defense. In doing this. I've always kept the matter of domestic abuse in my mind. After all, the threat of domestic violence is, sadly, a major reason many women have guns in their lives.

The "gun girl" world is a tight knit community and Tac Tissy is a big name in the competitive shooting world. I was shocked when she released this video but I'm glad she did, using what happened to her as an example that it can happen to anyone.

Personally, I have worked very closely with a local organization, The Family Violence Project, even serving on their board for a short time. I have learned that abuse knows no social or economic status and it follows no set pattern. Though there are warning signs in many cases, in many others, there are not.

I've written a couple of articles that might give your courage and resources if you find yourself in a situation you feel could get dangerous and will link to them at the bottom of this page.

For now, watch this piece by Tac Tissy as she opens her heart and bares her soul to us. God bless you, Krystie and thank you for being so candid. You WILL be back!

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As promised, here are some earlier articles that may help you or someone you love:

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Also, I found this book a good resource to shed some light on the mindset of domestic abusers: "Why Does He Do That?" by Lundy Bancroft.