I admit it...I like to use things that no one else (at least in my circle of people) uses.  I'm the only gun enthusiast in our little morning show group....the only ham radio operator (Mac calls me a "hammy."  Not sure if it's right but it's cute)....and the only one who uses the Opera web browser on my computer....both at home and work.  And not JUST because it's different.

Fact is, the browser is faster (opening and loading), more customizable (there are a bunch of ways you can share with this software not to mention there are thousands of skins if you like to have a variety of looks) and it has great built in features like "notes," push button window arrangements and a grouping option for your open tabs.  Plus, it's very secure.

The downside is some (though not many) web pages won't display properly (though that's becoming more and more rare) and hardware acceleration not enabled by default.  Other than that, you can't beat it.  It's faster than Chrome, Explorer (what isn't?) and Firefox....I don't care what Mac says.  In fact, I'll do a speed test with him any day on comparable computers...mine running Opera and his running Firefox.  We'll call it a 'browse-off.'

Anyway, you have nothing to lose.  It's free and, I'm betting, you're going to like it enough to make it your default.  And let me know what you think.  Am I the ONLY one in Opera's corner?  I'll bet not!


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