Except in the rarest cases, it is never okay to steal.  This has been taught to us since we were very, very young.  Still, though, people do it.   But, it takes a special kind of jerk to steal from a church or other house of worship.  However, that is exactly what happened to one Central Maine church over the weekend.

According to WMTW, someone broke into Saint Luke's Episcopal Church in Wilton and stole several items.  The break in happened between Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Items stolen from the church, which is located on High Street, include a silver chalice, a silver Communion serving and an Acer laptop.

Police are asking people to check their security cameras and video doorbells to see if they caught anything helpful on video.

If you know anything that can help police, you can reach out to Sergeant Ethan Kyes at 207.645.4222 or kyes@wpdme.com

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