If you're just turning 18 or have just become an American please register and vote on November 6th. I know the attack ads may disturb, annoy or even make you feel like, "What’s the point?" No matter how you feel, if you're able to vote, please do. It’s not just all about today, it’s about the future of you, your family and our nation as a whole. I know it’s hard to know what’s true, skewed, false and whether statements are taken out of context from what you see on TV and Facebook, etc. It may seem like it’s all pie in the sky when you hear a politician speak, but everyone is counting on you to do your part in three weeks

Tonight is the second of three Presidential debates. It will be a town hall style debate on domestic and foreign policy.  The first debate was on domestic issues; for example healthcare, Social Security and education. That debate was held on October 3rd. In that debate, Barack Obama seemed, as most thought, that he came off unprepared and like he mailed it in. Mitt Romney was pretty prepared and hitting his marks and Romney's approval numbers went up, indicating that as well. “Town Hall Style” means that people like you and me get to ask questions. So there is a chance that both candidates will be caught off guard. Yes, you’ll hear mostly prepared ideas and vague agendas, but still the debate is still a good way to tell how you'll see, feel and could vote. Tonight's debate like October 3rd and the next debate will give you an unbiased view of President Obama and Governor Romney. The final debate is on October 22nd which will focus on foreign policy, for example, Iran, the wars in the Middle East, oil, etc.

So take these 90 minutes tonight on your favorite TV channel at 9 pm and watch democracy in action. Do some additional research as well on the who is running for your local offices and the issues on the ballot and connect the arrows or shade in the ovals on November 6th.