I was talking with Matt James yesterday about wanting to go see the new Star Wars movie and it got us discussing movie theater popcorn and how we can't resist, despite the outrageous prices. It got me thinking. I wonder what the most marked up product is?

My money would have been on the popcorn, but others have it well beat. According to Business Insider popcorn has a 900% markup. Get a load of some restaurant markups.

Most people realize that wine at restaurants has a high markup (400%) so they may sometimes opt for soda instead — however, the markup for soda at restaurants is astronomically higher, ringing in at 1,150%

Some of the highest items on their list: Prozac at over a 5,000%, just about the same for cable/internet! The biggest service type markup, I could find, was for painting services at over a 6,000%!

By the way, you know that coffee you get every day? It has a markup of 2900%.


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