If you're a regular listener to the Moose Morning Show or to me in the early afternoon, you know I recently had back surgery. The recovery has been slow because of major nerve irritation. My problem is I am in pain most of the time and can not stay in the same position, standing or sitting for very long. Yeah, yeah bring out the pity patrol.I know, I know, we all have problems. However, to try and make things a little bit easier in our spacious (sarcastic) Moose studios I have been on a search to find the perfect stool so I can try and be more comfortable while on-air.

So far, no luck.

As the old Johnny Cash song goes, '"Ive Been Everywhere." Today, on the recommendation of my boss I actually tried the Christmas Tree Shop at the Turnpike Mall in Augusta. If you know me at all, you know I despise shopping (except for electronics, of course.) I said, "What the heck!" I had never stood foot in this store...until today. No rashes, no hives...I survived, but no stools to my liking.

During my trek to find the perfect stool I thought I had struck gold at my very first stop a week ago. It was at Target, and they had not 1, but 2 styles that looked like they would be perfect. The problem? Yes, there's always a problem. Nothing is ever easy.

The problem was the stools were attached to the shelves with those plastic tie thingies (sorry for using the scientific name.) So, I found a clerk. At least I hope he was a clerk, he had a red shirt and tan khakis, so I thought I was in good shape.

"Sir, can I have some help with your stools." After I giggled at my statement in my head, I heard the Target clerk say, "Sure." "Perfect," I thought. I'm going to get what I need and only have to make 1 stop. Not so fast. I asked if I could try out the stools and the 'helpful' customer rep abruptly said, "NO!"

Well, I was taken aback. So, I repeated myself and he repeated himself. I told him I wasn't going to purchase an expensive item without knowing if it would work for me and I received the wonderful response of "It's store policy...insurance reasons!"

I'm still awaiting a reply from the letter I wrote to the Target bigwigs.

So, the search for the perfect stool continues. If you happen to see any in your travels, please send the advice my way because I don't like shopping and as you can see, shopping doesn't like me!

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