Even though she's a superstar, Selena Gomez still gets starstruck when she meets certain celebrities ... who usually happen to be really hot guys like Brad Pitt and Shia LaBeouf. The latest celeb encounter that left the 'Slow Down' songstress feeling all giddy? When she met Bradley Cooper! 

In a chat with People, Gomez admitted to basically blacking out upon meeting the dreamy 'Hangover' actor. "I met Bradley Cooper and I don't even remember what I said -- that's how embarrassed I was," Gomez gushed. "I wanted to say he was a great actor, but he blinded me with his eyes."

Girrrrrrrrl, we do not blame you -- Bradley Cooper is one fine lookin' fella. But how does your boo, Justin Bieber, feel about all these weak-in-the-knees moments you're having?

In the same interview, Gomez also spoke about her much publicized driving issues. When asked about the last time she apologized, she said, "I pulled into our gate and accidentally hit our trash cans, so I texted my mom that I was sorry. I got a new car, so I'm still trying to figure out how to work it!"

She also talked about her new baby sis, Gracie Elliott, saying, "I'm a relatively new big sister, but it's the best thing ever. My bliss is coming home and seeing her after I have been working." Aw! Too cute.